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The Gummy Kit REFILL

Do you already own The Marijuana Group's Gummy Kit and want to make more health-conscious edibles? With the Gummy Weed Edibles Kit Refill you can now continue to make your tasty homemade creations at a fraction of the cost!

Gummy Weed Edibles Kit Refill provides a health-conscious solution for consuming Cannabis. The baking kit makes 2 batches or 16 specifically dosed vegan, gluten-free and low sugar content gummies. The kit provides you with everything needed to create your own Cannabis tincture. Your Cannabis tincture will then be mixed into gummies while they cook. In minimal time you'll be enjoying your healthy Cannabis gummies, just add Cannabis! The Kit does not come with or contain and THC/CBD products, they must be added after purchase of the kit. If you do not already own The original Do It Yourself Gummy Cannabis Edible Kit you can find it within our Etsy shop.

All Gummy Kits are:
Gluten Free
Low Sugar Content

Your Refill Kit will include:
Gummy mixture
Cooking ingredients
Cannabis tincture extraction supplies