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The BIG Chill Bundle


At Hippie & French, we typically recommend a combined approach of CBD consumption to tackle more severe anxiety and pain issues.  

Our 3000 mg Chill AF + an indica vape pen is the perfect combination to tackle excessive anxiety or pain.  

We recommend using the oil as a proactive measure; taken regularly throughout the day.  Then to use the vape pen for more reactive moments as more of a rescue med, if you will.

With all of the anxiety that the country is currently feeling; we thought it would be smart to create a bundle.  

What comes in the bundle?

  • 3000 mg peppermint cbd oil tincture.        (Chill AF 3000)
  • 500 mg / 1/2g indica full spectrum vape cartridge made from put plants no additives just pure 100% distillate and terpenes. 
  • either a black or a white battery aka pen for your vape cartridge

MUST BE 21 TO PURCHASE BY LAW IN THE U.S!! By purchasing you're confirming that you are 21 years of age.