Special Sauce Hemp (CBD) Flower
Special Sauce Hemp (CBD) Flower

Special Sauce Hemp (CBD) Flower

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An indica-hybrid and a Hippie & French house favorite.  Special Sauce smells of a sweet pine aroma and a hint of citrus. A great evening strain, Special Sauce brings balance to the mind with a calming full body effect.  Great for chronic pain, anxiety, inflammationinsomnia... just chillin'!

18.8% CBD

0.12% THC

Terpenes: Farnesene (.113%), Fenchol (.036%), Phytol (2.028%) and b-Caryophyllene.

All of our boutique hemp strains are sourced from small growers within the United States.  Each have been lab tested for quality and cannabinoid/ THC content.  All are compliant with the latest Farm Bill and contain less than .3% THC

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