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Mood Food Pre-Rolls

Our Mood Food pre-roll line pairs our flower with specific herbs and terpenes to create the perfect effects to match your specific needs. Whether you are looking to wake up or wind down, you will find what you need in our 5 pre-rolls options. Each pack contains 5, 1g pre-rolls- totaling 5 grams per box.

 Passion The Passion pre-roll combines our CBD flower with rose petals to help create a lively mind and body. It is great for stimulating conversation, intimacy  and beyond.  

Focus  Our Focus pre-roll combines our CBD flower with peppermint leaf to focus the mind and settle the body.  You will feel more alert, energized and ready to   take on tasks.  Great for computer work or creating art.  

Awake The Awake pre-roll combines our CBD flower with mullein flowers to lighten the mind and body to a euphoric and stress-free state. Pair this joint up with running errands or going on a hike.  

Sleep  Our Sleep pre-roll combines our CBG flower with chamomile to ease the mind and sedate the body. Works great for making the eyelids heavy for a great, full-night rest. Smells floral and comforting.  

Relax. The Relax pre-roll combines our CBG flower with lavender petals to produce a calm mind and put the body at ease. Harmonious with meditation, yoga or settling in for a movie night.