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Goddess Line Fragrance Oils


Athena : Goddess of Wisdom, Courage and Strength

This unisex fragrance intertwines notes of lemongrass and sweet almond oil. Lemongrass acts as an anti-depressant, as well as a mental and physical stimulant. It fights fatigue, acts as an anti-septic, and draws away body odor.\

Durga : Goddess of Empowerment, Time and Change

This unisex fragrance blends notes of grapefruit, orange, rosemary, vanilla and vetiver, mixed with jojoba, coconut and vitamin E. Use for mellow energy and power: Durga provides a lift of stimulation and elevation, but relaxes you at the same time. Mind-stimulating grapefruit and positive energy-invoking tangerine is beautifully balanced with rosemary oil that helps your focus and memory. Sweet vanilla and tonka bean calms and reduces anxiety while aiding breathing issues. Lime adds a balancing freshness, rounded out with a base note of comforting, restoring and grounding vetiver oil.

Isis : Goddess of Rebirth, Fertility and Magic

This unisex fragrance features essential rose mixed with white floral and organic golden jojoba and grapeseed oils. An intoxicating scent, rose helps bring you balance and harmony, while also stimulating and elevating the mind. Essential rose is the queen of oils, establishing harmony throughout the body, while promoting circulation and healthy skin.

Lakshmi : Goddess of Wealth and Abundance

This unisex fragrance includes notes of "musk," sandalwood and amber, mixed with sweet almond oil. We do NOT use real musk (and use no animal products of any kind). Lakshmi gets its musky scent from a blend of oils, such as patchouli, amber and frankincense. Amber comforts and draws away negative energy. Sandalwood acts as a memory, health and immunity-booster, as well as relieves high blood pressure. Patchouli fights depression and is an aphrodisiac, while frankincense is stimulating and mood-elevating.

Radha : Goddess of Beauty, Sincerity, Devotion and Love

This unique scent features a top note of rare Indian Saffron Absolute Melange, with floral complements of Bulgarian rose and sandalwood for an earthy, spicy and sweet finish. For this rare, limited edition scent, we used Saffron Absolute, which is organically grown in the Kashmir Valley of India. Crocus sativus L. is the saffron-producing flower world-renowned as the most expensive spice. Saffron is such a luxurious spice thanks to the arduous task of hand-removing stigmas, also called threads, from the flower. Each flower produces only three, with over 80,000 crocus flowers needed to obtain just one pound of dried stigmas for spice. The space required to grow 80,000 crocus flowers encompasses one acre. To produce Saffron Absolute, hundreds of thousands of dried flower stigmas are needed. Saffron Absolute is artisan-made once per year, with the rest dedicated to annual spice production. Adding real saffron to a blend of oils is rare; it is both expensive and hard to source, but the result is a fragrance of true distinction.

Ratri : Goddess of the Night

Organic essential oils of Blood Orange, Tangerine, Bergamot, Lavender, Petitgrain, Cedar and Sandalwood, Juniper, Oakmoss, mixed with organic oils of Jojoba, Coconut and Vitamin E. Aids in SLEEP AND PEACEFUL REST. This oil is recommended at bedtime. Lavender and Sandalwood are perfect essential oils for insomnia. With Bergamot that alleviates depression, complimented with a happy tangerine and blood pressure reducing blood orange, and mind soothing petitgrain, you will reduce the mind racing anxiety of the day and brings on happy dreams. Nurturing and familiar wood blends rounds out the oil as a lovely base.

Pavarti : Goddess of Perseverance and Devotion

Parvati promotes notes of vanilla mixed with sweet almond oil. Vanilla eases breathing problems and sleep apnea, as well as helps to calm your nerve and brain cells. Use it as an aromatherapy treatment for chronic stress, insomnia, anxiety, chronic fatigue and restlessness. 

Saraswati : Goddess of Knowledge, Music and Art

Delight your senses with this blend of jasmine, neroli and patchouli, mixed with jojoba oil, fractioned coconut oil and grape-seed oil.  Saraswati contains Indian jasmine sambac to uplift and stimulate; Tunisian Neroli to relieve nerves and anxiety; and aged patchouli to fight depression. 

 This product does NOT contain CBD!

There is no alcohol or water in any of our oils. Take them on the go with our compact 1/3 oz. bottle featuring a smooth, no-mess roll-on applicator.