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CRUNCH BERRIES D8 THC Flower 25.72% (Hybrid: Creative)

Feel the buzz of Delta-8 THC hemp flower on your own terms, in its natural state. Enjoy Delta-8 THC, available now in the classic Crunch Berries strain, and grab as much or as little as you prefer. Take your buzz back to the basics with all-natural, hemp-derived Delta-8 THC, and experience the sweet-smelling stickiness of buds ready to roll and made-to-order. It’s whole flower Delta-8 THC made just for you. 

Marvel as you enjoy the smooth, subtle, and clear-headed buzz of Delta-8 THC in Crunch Berries, a hybrid mix of the famous Blueberry and a male Triple OG. You’ll bask in the relaxed, happy, and uplifted feeling of a hybrid bud with a unique and gassy terpene profile. Crunch Berries are ideal for long conversations with friends, a day at the park, or sitting in the yard and looking at the clouds.

Sweet.  Berry.  
Delta-8 + CBDA
25.72% D8
19.31 CBD
21.36 CBDA
Delta 8 THC Legalities
Delta 8 THC is legal according to federal and many state laws if the active THC (delta 9 THC) is under 0.3%. Our Delta 8 THC is derived from federally legal hemp and does not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. We retain the right to not ship to any locations where local laws conflict with the 2018 Farm Bill and we are not responsible for knowing whether this product is legal in your area of residence. By purchasing this product, you assume full responsibility for all parts pertaining to your purchase.
*There are no long-term, definitive studies on the effects of delta 8 THC. Everything mentioned above or that follows is based on firsthand user experiences with delta 8 THC and is provided for informational use only. It is not medical advice, and our delta 8 THC vape carts are not to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases, conditions, or any other condition. Individuals may have their own unique experience. We do not suggest in any way, shape, or form, that your experience will be the same. Customers have reported effects similar to Sativa products, with feelings of clarity. Customers have also said Delta 8 THC is almost as potent as normal THC products. Again, these are customer comments only and your experience may differ.
We do not have sufficient data to say anything definitively, but delta 8 THC may trigger many drug tests looking for delta 9 THC. As a precaution, you should not take this product if you need to pass a drug test.
Due to Delta 8 THC either being illegal or not explicitly legal according to state laws, this product may have restrictions in some states. Federal laws allow this product to be sold, but you should know your local laws before purchasing.