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Body Butter

25mg full spectrum hemp-extracted CBD
4 ounces

Apply our vitamin-rich Body Butter with full spectrum CBD to feed your skin on the daily.

  • 25mg organic full spectrum hemp-extracted CBD

  • Infused whipped grass-fed tallow is rich in vitamins A, E, D & B, and linoleic acid

  • Absorbs quickly creating a natural skin-compatible barrier to support skin texture

  • Light scent profile of organic essential oils of grapefruit and vanilla

  • Organic ingredients and no artificial preservatives

  • Our products contain cannabinoids CBD, CBG & CBDV

  • Zero phenoxyethanol, zero hydrogenated oils or processed waxes, zero isopropyl myristate or other propane derivatives, zero phthalates

  • Minimal, reusable and recyclable packaging