Hippie & French Full Spectrum Salmon Flavored Pet Oil

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300mg of Full Spectrum, Organic, CO2 Supercritical Extracted CBD infused into MCT Oil and flavored with pure salmon oil.  Each 1ml dropper (included) will provide 10mg of CBD.  Each bottle contains 30, 10mg servings.

1 review for Hippie & French Full Spectrum Salmon Flavored Pet Oil

  1. Jim

    This is the best part of my Cats morning. I would recommend starting with a lower dosage to avoid upsetting their stomach. Start with a couple drops mixed into their wet food and over a few weeks gradually increase the dosage to about .25ML. I would probably keep it at that level for most grown cats. If you have a Main Coon you may want to go for a higher dosage, but play around with it. It’s an experiment and the goal in any experiment is to gather data and record your findings. So journal what’s working for your cat, every cat is different just like people. Start low and go slow with dosing up.

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