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Microdose Drops (CBD, THC, CBG)

Microdose contains the one & only Balanced-Spectrum™ of hemp-derived cannabinoids & terpenes, proprietarily formulated by Lumi Labs to deliver the classic effects and benefits of Delta-9-THC (as well as CBD, CBG, & terpenes)... so you can feel healthy & happy.

If you’re seeking a more effective hemp product for good times & everyday wellness uses, Microdose was made for you.

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30 Doses Per Bottle


Organic MCT Oil (a purified part of coconut oil)

Balanced-Spectrum hemp extract (a proprietary formulation of hemp-derived CBD, THC, CBG, other trace cannabinoids, and terpenes)

Vegan-Friendly & Gluten-Free

*All cannabinoids within Microdose are derived from legal, US grown hemp.

*Contains less than .3% hemp derived delta 9 THC

*All Lumi Labs products are 3rd party tested.